WIMMER ARTS      fine art by jeremy wimmer
Fine Art by Jeremy Wimmer
       Welcome to Wimmer Arts, the  website for artwork by Jeremy Wimmer.  The work seen here represents two  styles of drawing that I do using the same medium, portrait arts and geometric abstract. 
      The portrait artwork seen here is unlike any you will see anywhere.  All work is done using only pen; no pencil is used for shading.  All shading is done with the same pens which are used to reach the deep black that pencil can not match.  Using pen gives  the portrait  much deeper shadows and true highlights with clean edges and lines which gives the portrait a more life like feel.  Take a look through the gallery to see the many varities of portraits offered , both people and animals. There is also portrait work you will see that is done in a style using only black and white.  Black and white shaded portraits are not as detailed and  leaves a little more to the imagination.
       The other style of work you will see is a style of abstract using lines, and angles to create a geometric feel to the work.  Using lines and spacing  to give depth, and negitive space shadowing gives the work the look of a carving print, but the lines and detail are cleaner then a carving print can give.  
      Prints for some of these pieces are available for purchase.    Please contact by email for more infromation on purchasing prints.  Prints can also be found on ebay, just search wimmer arts.
  Custom Originals and Pet Portraits
Custom originals are also available for purchase.  All originals are priced by the inch starting at 10"x10".  In the gallery you can find many examples of custom originals, most of the work you will see is done at a size of 10"x14".   For more information on custom originals please email.  Some custom work my take as long as four weeks from the first contact to completion.  Please be mindful of this if you are considering ordering for a gift or for your timeline purposes.